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Haiti will be threatened by Hurricane MARIA this Friday
Sep 17

Haiti could be spared devastation from
Hurricane IRMA
Sep 7

Deadly Hurricane IRMA will hit Haiti this Thursday. JOSE not far behind Sep 4

Haiti's former President Aristide's September 30th message in support of Dr. Maryse Narcisse 2015 presidential election Oct 3

Haiti election violence, fraud and voter intimidation, Congresswoman Waters calls for investigation Oct 5

Haiti’s 2015 Hurricane season heating up, DANNY could visit by the end of next week Jul 30

Haiti in 2015 interview on Tavis Smiley Jan 14

Haiti’s Fanmi Lavalas will continue their mobilization
Oct 6 2014

Haiti: Where is the Money? - Researcher Version Jan 4 2012

Prisoners of Sugar May 7 2014

1,500 Cholera victims in Haiti file lawsuit against UN in New York today
Mar 11 2014

Deadly politics in Haiti: new allegations against Lavalas invented as PM announces the scheduling of elections Jan 19 2014

Lovinsky Pierre Antoine
We are not Ghosts and will not be silenced July 19 2007

La Gavage: Obama helps Republican militarists take control in Haiti May 13 2011

In Haiti, thousands of Lavalas sing "Aristide or Death!" Jan 9 2013

Is the US Embassy in Haiti behind the political tensions? Jan 5 2013

Hundreds of thousands homeless in Haiti three years after Earthquake despite billions in aid funneled to NGOs, contractors and internationals Jan 7 2013

Haiti's police rough up Lavalas demonstrators commemorating Aristide's first victory Dec 23 2012

Security Council, meeting in Haiti, should accept UN's responsibility for Cholera Epidemic Feb 13 2012

Haiti: Seven places where The Earthquake Money did and did not go
Jan 3 2012
   for larger version with footnotes go to "Where is the Money?

Haiti's "Enforcers": MINUSTAH and the Culture of Violence in Port-au-Prince Nov 29 2011

Haiti: Alarming resurgence of cholera
Jun 9 2011

The return of President Aristide to his home in Haiti Mar 20 2011

Mesaj Prezidan Aristide lè li rive an Ayiti 24 Mar 2011

Rev. Jeremiah Wright: "Let's tell the truth about Haiti" Sep 21 2010

Haiti: Mobile schools in the Earthquake Zone Apr 3 2010

Haiti Earthquake aid should go to Haiti's popular organizations, not to con-tractors or NGOs Mar 6 2010

Lavalas closed the doors again, elections in Haiti a disaster for Lespwa government Jun 27 2009

yon Biyè 500 G. pou chak grenn vòt
27 jen

"Thank you Bill Clinton" — one more assassination by UN troops in Haiti
Jun 20

Haiti bids "A Dieu" to Father Jeri and promises "The Struggle continues"
Jun 19 2009

Jeremy Scahill
Bill Clinton Named New UN Envoy to 'Stabilize' Haiti, a Country He Helped Destabilize

May 24 2009

Fanmi Lavalas: Haiti's largest political party shows no lack of leadership talent Mar 2 2009

Thousands march in Haiti demanding return of Aristide Feb 29 2009

Haiti bill calling for investigation of U.S. role in 2004 Coup d'État Feb 5 2009

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We are not ghosts

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