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HaitiAction.net is a leading news source for breaking news and analysis on the current situation in Haiti.

Since 2003 HaitiAction.net has been publishing content that focuses on the current political situation in Haiti.

The editorial policy has been to keep in the public record the well sourced information that can be rarely found elsewhere in the corporate media about the struggle of the People of Haiti to be empowered by their own governance. In the face of the overwhelming resources of the large interests that prefer to scrub the historical record to counter the aspirations of the People of Haiti, HaitiAction.net will continue to collaborate with the pro-democracy interests inside Haiti to deliver news and analysis that can counter the "exclusion of the majority" that has been the practice of the larger "journalistic" businesses.

Since Hurricane Ivan in the 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season, HaitiAction.net has featured over numerous Hurricane updates and articles when the storm system becomes of potential interest to the Republic of Haiti. To stay in touch with current storm conditions use and bookmark the HaitiAction.net Tropical Cyclone Page that has many links to additional forecast and alert resources


HaitiAction.net is NOT the official voice of any political organization.


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