UN Peacekeeper Misconduct in Haiti: panel discussion this Wednesday in Washington, DC

February 24, 2014
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UN Peacekeeper Misconduct in Haiti: panel discussion this Wednesday in Washington, DC

Watch this event live - streaming at http://www.asil.org/live

The PR department of the UN went into action soon after the start of the crisis with this weak attempt at damage control. Here we are years later with 8,000 dead and likely over 1 million victims. When will the UN take responsibility without outside pressure?

HaitiAction.net - The American Society of International Law (ASIL) will be hosting a panel discussion about the remedies available for UN Peacekeeper misconduct will take place this Wednesday — February 26th, 2014 — at the Tillar House near Embassy Row in Washington DC. The ASIL headquarters is located on Sheridan Circle NW.

IJDH Board Chair Ira Kurzban will speak in a panel on UN peacekeeper misconduct, especially in the case of cholera in Haiti. This is a high profile event that's sure to be an interesting discussion of not only problems but also potential solutions to peacekeeper impunity.

The ASIL notice stated: “Allegations of misconduct and other activities by UN Peacekeepers that may result in harm to third parties raise serious concerns. The UN has put in place a zero tolerance policy, improved training and instituted a host of measures designed to prevent misconduct and implemented a regime for responding to claims that result from the activities of Peacekeeping missions. But, what happens when prevention is not fully successful? What about the victims of abuse? What remedies are or should be available to such victims or to others that may have been injured as a result of UN Peacekeeping activities? This program will examine these issues in the context of the cholera epidemic in Haiti and charges of sexual exploitation and corruption involving peacekeepers in other missions and other developments.”


David Birenbaum, former US Ambassador to the UN for Management; Of Counsel to Fried Frank, Washington, DC.


Jose Alvarez, NYU Law School, Herbert and Rose Rubin Professor of International Law

Ira Kurzban, Partner at Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli and Pratt PA and a lead attorney in Georges, et al v. United Nations, the case initiated against the UN for bringing cholera to Haiti

Bruce Rashkow, Columbia University, Lecturer in Law, former highest ranking American in the UN Office of Legal Affairs, 1995-2005, and former Assistant Legal Adviser for UN Affairs in the State Department’s Legal Advisers office, 1987-1995
Registration Information:

Members of ASIL = Free.   Non-ASIL Members = $15.00
Members of the UNA/NCA, ABA(?), WFLS and Students of ASIL Academic Partner Schools = Free with discount code "UNPART"]

For a moderate price a couple rooms may be available next door at the Embassy Circle Guest House.

If you can't make the discussion, you can watch it online. Streaming at http://www.asil.org/live

ASIL Headquarters, Tillar House
2223 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008-2847


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