Thousands march in Haiti demanding return of Aristide
March 2, 2009
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February 28,2009 - Port au Prince Haiti — Lavalas supporters quickly march uphill on Route Delmas to reach the CEP (election council) holding Branches of Peace, protest sighns and banners of President Jean Betrand Aristide. Photos: ©2009 Randall White



The People of Haiti still believe that their most revered leader will improve the desperate conditions that reappeared after he was kidnapped by the US Special Forces in 2004

The march departed from St. Jean Bosco down Grand Rue before turning into Bel Air
Continuing up Delmas, Rene Civil, here in crowd — second from right — at Delma 18

Closup from below: During a meeting of students in the Adult Literacy Program President Ariste provides a word study on Justice.

Nan Foto sa a Titid ap montre moun ki pa konn li yo, koman Jistis se yon zouti ki enpòtan nan tout sosyete demokratik e kòman pou yo ekri mo sa a

Many Lavalasien bring out their treasured images and signs to the demonstrations.

Thousands march in Haiti demanding return of Aristide

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Haiti - Port au Prince — Thousands of Fanmi Lavalas pro-democracy activists returned to the streets of Haiti, yesterday, in a peaceful but spirited demonstration and march to demand the return of President Jean Betrand Aristide without any conditions. February 28, 2009 marks five years since the 2004 Coup d'État and five years of occupation by US Marines and the UN. The march began at the former parish of Aristide, St. Jean Bosco they continued up Rue Saint Martin into the neighborhoods of Bel Air.

Many Lavalasien joined the march on its winding journey through the Bel Air neighborhoods then up Route Delmas swelling the demonstration to 3 to 4 thousand by the time it reached its destination at the CEP (Conseil Electorial Provisoire) offices at Delmas 41 where the peaceful demonstrators were met by heavily armed CIMO and UN tanks. Many are crying out to the Préval government to dismantle the CEP after illegally denying participation of Fanmi Lavalas candidates in the upcoming Senate elections.

Officials of the Lavalas commissions of Permanent Mobilization, and Communication also demanded the participation of the Fanmi Lavalas candidates in the elections.

Other demands from the two commissions:

"Fight against hunger and misery that are killing the Haitian people"

"Fight social and political exclusions, especially the neoliberal political agenda that the Préval government is promoting."

Fanmi Lavalas promises to keep up the intensity of these demonstrations until "Titid" returns to Haiti. "The demonstrations will be done in a peaceful and democratic manner. Fanmi Lavalas is a peaceful organization and Titid is the Symbol of Peace."

The statement was made by the following commission members:

Mr. Rene Civil
Mr.Ansyto Felix
Mr. Frisnel Maitre
Mr. Bedford Claude


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Their statements in Kreyol:

Objektif manifestasyon 28 Fevrye 2009 la se:

  1. Retou san kondisyon prezidan Titid nan peyi a.
  2. Pou prezidan preval kraze KEP defakto sa a.
  3. Egzije patisipasyon òganizasyon Fanmi Lavalas nan eleksyon yo.
  4. Pou konbat grangou ak lamizè kap touye pèp ayisyen an,kont esklisyon sosyal ak tout move pratik politik neyoliberal andedan peyi Dayiti.

NB: Jan de manifestasyon sa yo se lansman yon seri mobilizasyon manch long ki va kontinye jouk Titid tounen lakay, sa va fèt nan bon kondisyon pasifik e demokratik, paske fanmi lavalas se patizan lapè e Titit se senbòl lapè a.

Moun ki responsab jan de aktivite sa yo se:

  • Rene Civil
  • Ansito Felix
  • Fritznel Maitre
  • Belford Claude - poun site sa yo selman

Tout moun sa yo se manb Komisyon Mobilizasyon ak
Kominikasyon Fanmi Lavalas


View 85 images in web photo gallery


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