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Important source material for many articles on the current affairs of Haiti in an online archive

UN accused of slaughter inside Haiti's National Penitentiary While Président-elect René Préval was attending a special inaugural mass on May 14 at the Port-au-Prince Cathedral in Haiti's, UN peacekeepers apparently opened fire on a demonstration inside the National Penitentiary. May 18 2006

UN commander dead in Haiti amid pressure from elite Jan 7 2006

UN whitewashes massacre amid new attacks in Haiti Jan 11 2006

UN in Haiti accused of second massacre in Cité Soleil Jan 21 2007

US Embassy in Haiti acknowledges excessive force by UN Jan 24 2007

Haiti: Revelations of UN's role in massacres Jan 29 2007

UN's "collective punishment" of the poor in Haiti Jan 30 2007

UN terror kills Haiti's children at night Feb 2 2007

Accusations of UN cover-up in Haiti
Feb 2 2007

Guns and Butter for Haiti Jan 25 2005

Rep. Waters blasts Haiti's President, says upcoming election is a setback for democracy Dec 20 2009

Lavalas closed the doors again, elections in Haiti a disaster for Lespwa government Jun 27 2009 

yon Biyè 500 G. pou chak grenn vòt
27 Jen 2009 

"Thank you Bill Clinton" — one more assassination by UN troops in Haiti
Jun 20 2009 

Haiti bids "A Dieu" to Father Jeri and promises "The Struggle continues"
Jun 19 2009 

John Maxwell
Haiti's Great White Hope? May 24 2009 

Jeremy Scahill
Bill Clinton Named New UN Envoy to 'Stabilize' Haiti, a Country He Helped Destabilize

May 24 2009 

Thousands more take the streets of Haiti, demanding the return of President Aristide Mar 12 2009 

Fanmi Lavalas: Haiti's largest political party shows no lack of leadership talent Mar2

Thousands march in Haiti demanding return of Aristide Feb 29 2009  

Haiti bill calling for investigation of U.S. role in 2004 Coup d'État Feb 5 2009 

Haiti's death squad ally of CIA and proconsul McCarry sentenced to 30 years Nov 12 2008

Haiti: Racism and Poverty Oct 26 2008

Appeal for flood ravaged Haiti: "I have never seen anything as painful" Sep 8 2008

Haiti's UN military base expanding: What is Washington up to in Cite Soleil?
Sep 4 2008

Haiti's leaders indifferent to the kidnapping of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine Aug 12 2008

IDT, Aristide, and the Haiti Democracy Project Jul 29 2008

Ortega killed by US Marines in Haiti: A Reporter's Notes May 15 2008

Haiti massacre survivors receive $400,000 of death squad commander's Lottery prize May 21 2008

The transformation of diplomacy or a new Manifest Destiny? Feb 28 2008

John Maxwell
Christmas in Hell Dec 30 2007

Randall Robinson on the US's kidnapping of President Aristide Oct 18 2007

Haiti is Now "More Violent and More Inhuman" 60-page report documents US role. Published by the Center for the Study of Human Rights at the University of Miami School of Law
Feb 9 2005

Haiti: An Unbroken Agony Jul 13 2007

Haiti's death squad commander's plea thrown out May 22 2007

Haiti’s Stealth Elections: What’s At Stake? Dec 2 2006

Human rights abuse and other criminal violations in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: a random survey of households Sep 19 2006

Haiti's freed political prisoners speak out at BAI press conference Aug 19 2006

Haiti Solidarity Meeting August 20 2006

The Return: Aristide, law and democracy in Haiti Jul 1 2006

Brian Concannon

John Maxwell

Opinions on Opinions
Bring Aristide back to Haiti,
enough is enough!
Feb 15 2006

Maxine Waters denounces election
fraud by coup government
Feb 15 2006


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Political prisoners on the roof of Haiti's national peitentiary demonstae as they hold up the corpse of one of the victims of UN agression

UN in Haiti accused of second massacre in Cité Soleil - January 21, 2007

UN commander dead

Guns and Butter for Haiti - January 25, 2005

UN terror kills Haiti's children at night - February 2, 2007



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