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 Tropical Cyclones 2017

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2017 Storm Names:

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BOOKMARK the Haiti Tropical Cyclone Page for latest updates during this hurricane season. will host this page with many Tropical Cyclone resources so you can find the latest information when you are searching for current updates.

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Contact us:

BOOKMARK the Haiti Tropical Cyclone Page for latest updates during this hurricane season.

Bookmark this page for the 2017 Hurricane Season


US National Weather Service Resources

Atlantic Hurricane Outlook and Summary Archive

From the 2008 archive
click image for original Aug 30, 2008 article

Will Hurricane Hanna threaten Haiti?
click image for original Aug 30, 2008 article

Previous reports

Hurricane Bill will threaten Haiti this week Aug 17

Hurricane Ana could threaten Haiti next week
(but Hurricane Bill arrived months ago)
 Aug 11

Haiti waits in fear for Hurricane Ike Sep 4

Haiti’s deadly hurricane season just getting started Sep 1

Will Hurricane Hanna threaten Haiti? Aug 30

Dangerous Hurricane Gustav will hit Haiti Aug 25

Haiti's crops will be devastated by Hurricane Gustav Aug 26

Furious Fay floods Florida as a new storm approaches Haiti Aug 21

Furious Tropical Storm Fay drenches Haiti Aug 15


click button above Links Latest Info on Tropical Cyclones for Caribbean
  1. République d'Haiti [French, not Kreyol]
    Communiqué d'activité cyclonique
  2. Haiti-Puerto Rico Visible Satellite Loop
  3. NRL Tropical Cyclone Page
    Monterey Marine Meteorology Division
  4. National Hurricane Center
  5. Tropical Atlantic - Visible Loop - Flash
  6. Barahona Current Weather
  7. Atlantic Total Precipitable Water
    takes a couple minutes to download on DSL
  8. Instituto de Meteorologia - Cuba
  9. Links Meteorólogicos Venezuela
  10. - Latest
    Atlantic Satellite Overview
  11. National Weather Service
    Southern USA Region HQ
  12. NRL Tropical Support Page
    NMOC - Norfolk, VA
  13. National Weather Service Forecast Office
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
  14. Granma International - Cuba
  15. Jamaica Observer
  16. Tropical Cyclones
    Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies.
  17. Latest QUICKSCAT Wind vectors
  18. Latest QUICKSCAT Wind speed
  19. NDBC & WMO Buoys
    Station 41041 - Middle Atlantic
    Station 41040 - West Atlantic
    Station 41NT0 - NW Tropical Atlantic
    Station 41101 - East of Martinique

    Station 41043 - South Western Atlantic
    Station 41044 - South Atlantic

    Station JOXP4 - Puerto Rico - South

    Station 42059 - Eastern Caribbean
    Station 42058 - Central Caribbean
    Station 42057 - Western Caribbean
    Station 42056 - Yucatan Basin
    Station 42055 - Bay of Campeche
  20. PAP - Weather UnderGround
  21. Meteo France
    Phénomènes cycloniques de l'Atlantique Nord
  22. Jamaica Meterological Service
  23. NASA GOES East Visible - Hurricane Sector
  24. Bahamas
  25. Dominica
    Severe Weather Advisory
  26. República Dominica
  27. Antigua & Barbuda
  28. CDEMA - Saint Lucia
  29. World Meteorological Organization

Tropical Cyclone Categories:

-Tropical Depression 20 knots/23 mph
-Tropical Storm 34 knots/39 mph
-Category 1 Hurricane 64 knots/74 mph
-Category 2 Hurricane 83 knots/96 mph
-Category 3 Hurricane 96 knots/111 mph
-Category 4 Hurricane 113 knots/130 mph
-Category 5 Hurricane 137 knots/157 mph

1 knots = 1.15077945 mph

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
What "Category 1-2-3-4-5" means

Key to offical Tracking Chart symbols
click above link to get original Powerpoint file

St. Jean Bosco