Stormy Haiti?
September 11, 2010
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Earl and Fiona satellite images

Al Jazeera video shows demonstations by camp survivors who are protesting that the massive response to the January Earthquake is bypassing the victims.

Stormy Haiti?

Haiti - Port au Prince, Haiti —A potentially deadly tropical wave had folks in Puerto Rico scurrying a bit to respond to this afternoon's flash flood warning, that only produced some areas of scattered thunderstorms and heavy rains. While all caution is certainly prescribed for Haiti — the system is still capable of producing torrential rainfall — the previous advisories from the National Hurricane Center in Miami (NHC) may have conflated the forecast.

This morning the NHC was expecting the potential of 3-6 inches of rain in the Dominican Republic and Haiti over Sunday, which certainly, could produce life-threatening flash floods and mudslides. However the afternoon forecast discussion seems to move off of the initial alerts while pointing out the potential of this weather system for quick development.

There is a trough causing some upper level divergence over the border and it's possible that the system could suddenly take a troubling turn northward if the system slows a bit overnight but steering currents and the High building over Cuba could keep this system on a westerly track down the middle of the Caribbean for the next three days.

The outlook for Port au Prince is a 30% chance of thunderstorms through the week.

Soon to be Hurricane IGOR is unlikely to be a threat to Haiti even though it is tracking below the pressure ridge to the north that is keeping it on a westerly heading. For now it appears that the westernmost edge of the ridge will allow IGOR to head north after a couple of days and simply improve surfing conditions for land-bound interests in the Leeward Islands. IGOR is expected to develop into a major Hurricane.

With the High over Cuba moving East. The next major system — expected to pop out JULIA , next — looks to be a concern for the Caribbean as it moves south of the Cape Verde Islands.


View the latest observations near Storm IGOR


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