Top 2004 News Articles
February 29, 2005
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Top 2004 News Articles

Haiti: Blood, faith and tears.
Democracy is not just a word.
-Dec 31

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
De Jean Jacques Dessalines,
Le Grand A Jean Bertrand Aristide,
Le Visionnaire
- Dec 31

US-installed regime in Haiti compensates former brutal military
Port au Prince, Haiti
(HIP) The US-installed regime of Gerard Latortue has begun making compensation payments to Haitiís former brutal military in an apparent move to reward them for their role in overthrowing the democratically elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In a gesture rife with symbolism, the first payments were made to former soldiers who had participated in a takeover of President Aristideís residence this past December 15. - Dec 29

Christmas 2004 in Haiti Port au Prince, Haiti (HIP)-The benevolence of Santa Claus and the love and wisdom of a prince of peace are not likely to be associated with the Gerard Latortue cabal's place in Haitian history. Reconciliation is nowhere to be found during this holiday season in Haiti. - Dec 27

Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding Jean Charles Moise grew up in Milot, a rural town on the outskirts of Cap Haitien. During his tenure as mayor Moise redistributed state landholdings to many landless peasants in the area, earning him great respect among the poor and powerful enemies among the elite who had previously controlled the land. - Dec 23

"Hidden from the Headlines" The U.S. War against Haiti UPDATED online version!
Haiti: After the Coup - April 2004

IJDH Human Rights Action Alert:
Prove That Human Rights Matter:
Fight For The Release of Haiti's Political Prisoners
- Dec 10

Peaceful demonstration in Cap Haitien a success despite ongoing repression - Dec 22

Massive Protest demanding Aristide's return in Haiti's second largest city
Cap Haitien, Haiti (HIP) On the anniversary of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's first electoral landslide in 1990, more than 10,000 Haitians took to the streets of Haiti's second largest city to demand his return and an end to repression against his Lavalas political party. Aristide was ousted last February 29th amid charges he was kidnapped by U.S. Marines and remains a guest of the Republic of South Africa where he resides. Dec 17

John Maxwell
Gutlessness Mr K.D. Knight, MP QC Minister of Foreign Affairs, can preen himself on his cosy chat with the American ambassador to the OAS, John Maisto. Maisto's predecessors are, from the available evidence, dedicated racists like their former boss, Jesse Helms, co-author of the Helms Burton Act. Dec 19

Raoul Peck is no Spike Lee…
so what!?
by Jean St. Vil - Dec 17

Council On Hemispheric Affairs
Aiding Oppression in Haiti: Kofi Annan and General Heleno's Complicity in Latortue's Jackal Regime -Dec 16

Council On Hemispheric Affairs
For Nuclear Brazil, It’s Good to Have Friends in High Places Secrecy shrouding Brazil’s nuclear capabilities, suspected technological advances and provocative statements made by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva during his presidential campaign alarmed U.S. nuclear control advocates. But, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell, future nuclear weapons proliferation by Brasilia no longer is a distinct possibility. Could Haiti be the missing ingredient? - Dec 14

Council On Hemispheric Affairs
Haiti’s Ship Sails on Without a Captain and With a Very Disreputable Crew: Kofi Annan, Roger Noriega, Colin Powell and Lula of Brazil have much to answer for failing to implement the UN’s Stabilization Mission - Dec 9

Brazil’s Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti: Doing God’s or Washington’s Work? -Dec 6

Second Report of the Haiti Accompaniment Project: Human Rights Conditions in Haiti’s Prisons July 30 – August 16, 2004

antony fenton
Kosovo Liberation Army helps establish "protectorate" in Haiti Recent findings indicate that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is employing suspected war criminals from the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Haiti. The KLA is best known as a terrorist organization with ties to the CIA, US State Department, and narco-trafficking. This news was recently reported on by Flashpoints Radio's Kevin Pina - Nov 22

"We Must Kill the Bandits!" Lula's Troops in Haiti - by Ben Terrall - Nov 17

Masked Haitian Police Shoot Children While Arresting Priest - Oct 21

Responding to Tropical Storm Jeanne
and Hurricane Ivan:

Council on Hemispheric Affairs - Sept 23
Haiti: Smoldering on the Edge of Chaos

  • Disbanded Haitian army seeks to be reconstituted
  • Latortue government is more a cruel joke than a professional presence
  • UN special representative and military force still too invisible

Haitian Lawyers Leadership
Urgent Action Alert - Contact CariCom!
Contact Caricom, urge that they not buckle under pressure from the U.S.-installed Latortue regime and maintain their principled stand for democratic principles and processes!!!

Emergency Action Alert
DEMAND the immediate release of Annette Auguste
Statement of Sò Anne from prison - May 23
The Violent arrest of Sò Anne May 12

Haiti's Disappeared by Tom Reeves - longtime Haiti activist and writer recently traveled with a delegation to Haiti. What he saw somehow didn't seem to correspond to the content of the corporate media's correspondents.

"Gerard Latortue is a mere puppet..."
say 32 Congressional Black Caucus Members who refused to meet with the Boca Raton Regime in Washington DC. Later only six -out of 49- members of the House International Relations Committee met with the Republican installed illegal government. May 5

Marguerite Laurent
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Seven Campaigns to Re-establish Democracy in Haiti

Anthony Fenton
Plan Haiti Emerges -
The US government, in cahoots with the illegal regime of Gerard Latortue and powerful elements within the Haitian Diaspora, are lobbying to impose punitive legislation on Haitians, paving the way for the entrenchment of neo-liberal programs that are guaranteed to enrich the few and further impoverish the many.- Apr 20

Noumenm òganizasyon popilè k ap feraye anfavè demokrasi nan peyi d Ayiti:

As organizations and institutions working for global justice

Oscar Arias:
Don't let Haiti re-establish an army
"It is no secret that conservative Republicans were more concerned with facilitating Aristide's exit from power than with reinforcing the fragile institutions of Haitian democracy..." Mar 15

Aristide's Letter: He did NOT resign!
Kansas University's Bryant Freeman, a specialist in the Haitian Creole language, said Aristide's letter never said, "I am resigning."

President Aristide's trip to Jamaica
Listen/watch Democracy Now for exclusive interviews of Delegation on plane Mar 15

Koute: Mesaj Prezidan Aristide
Pou Pèp Ayisen
- Mar 5
Aristide Details Last Moments In Haiti: calls for stop to bloodshed in first address to Haitian People From Exile

Interview with Prime Minister Yvon Neptune

"...I am a prisoner in my office. That's a fact."

Kevin Pina of KPFA Flashpoints and Black Commentator, and Andrea Nicastro of the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, interviewed Prime Minister Yvon Neptune in his office at 9:00 a.m. EST today, Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Listen to Flashpoints Radio for frequent updates from Haiti

Maxine Waters talked to President Aristide, he claims he was KIDNAPPED Mar 1 - Maxine Waters press release

Rep. Maxine Waters' letter requesting
$500 million in disaster assistance for Haiti and the Caribbean

House Passes Congresswoman Barbara Lee's Resolution Urging Assistance for Hurricane Devastated Caribbean Countries - Oct 4

Congresswoman Maxine Waters:
Thugs, Killers and Drug Dealers Now Control Haiti Because Our Government Ignored Warnings Not to Support the Coup d'état - Sept 22

Congresswoman Waters:
"The United States, France and Canada created this mess, and they have an obligation to clean it up. There can be no democracy in Haiti until these thugs and killers are disarmed." - Sept 8

Letter on Porter Goss Nomination - "Congressman Goss has a history of supporting the wealthy elite business class in Haiti..." The George Bush appointee for top CIA post actively supported the FRAPH death squad in previous coup. - Sept 20

Tell the T.R.U.T.H. about Haiti -Mar 9 Congresswoman Barbara Lee Introduces the TRUTH (The Responsibility to Uncover the Truth about Haiti) Act H.R. 3919 - To establish the Independent Commission on the 2004 Coup d'état in the Republic of Haiti. [as of 6-14-04 there are 49 co-sponsors]

Barbara Lee:
Demands Answers about Haiti Coup - Mar 1
Statement to the House of Representatives Feb 24
Letter to George Bush Feb 20 - signed by nine CBC Reps
Questions Colin Powell Feb 12

Maxine Waters:

The corporate media lies about Haiti - Feb 6
Press fail to identify key players in Gonaives opposition violence nor do they examine timing of terrorist acts

Haïti Progres - This Week in Haiti - Feb 4 - 10
"As CARICOM Meddles: Haiti's Opposition Seeks Victims"

Black Commentator: Haiti's Cracked Screen: Lavalas Under Siege While the Poor Get Poorer

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