Assassination of Andre Jan-Marie Dec 11, 2003


Andre Jan-Marie

by Kevin Pina
December 13, 2003
Port au Prince, Haiti

photo: ©2003 Paul Miller

Dear Friends,

It is with great grief and sadness that I inform you of the assassination of my dear friend Andre Jan-Marie the evening of December 11, 2003. He was killed in a driveby shooting in near the National Palace by unknown assailants who apparently followed his vehicle and waited for him to leave his car. Andre had gone to the palace for a literacy campaign meeting earlier that same evening but had returned to lend his presence to the thousands of supporters camped in front of the palace to defend their constitutional president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Andre was the coordinator of the government's literacy program in Petion-Ville and his only crime was that he was committed to teaching the poor majority how to read and write. He was also a co-founder of the SOPUDEP school that serves the poorest children in Petion-Ville. I am affiliated with the school and can testify to the difference it has made to the community.

Andre is survived by his wife and two young sons. He is truly a hero in the struggle for democracy on behalf of Haiti's poor majority. He will always live in hearts and dreams for a better Haiti. God bless you and keep you safe Andre Jan-Marie.


Kevin Pina
December 13, 2003
Port au Prince, Haiti

A six member delegation from Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis, recently visited Port au Prince on a fact finding mission of Haiti's current struggles. They visited SOPUDEP and were able to provide us with these photos of Andre and an article written by Jeanne Morales. Visiting Haiti --with pictures--can be found on their own web site:

"an SJA Event Report- Visiting Haiti"