Haiti: Father Jean-Juste sends a message from prison
July 30, 2005
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Haiti: Father Jean-Juste sends a message from prison

Message to all from Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste inside Haitian National Penitentiary:

Dear Friends, Militants for Justice & Peace, Family Members, Veye-Yo in Miami, Religious Brothers and Sisters & All of You Distinguished People,

With God's blessing & grace, with your support on all levels, I am fighting to stay alive & well. The service to the needy brothers and sisters are continuing at St. Clare's Tiplas Kazo, the 425 member summer camp is running.

I am suffering physically but spiritually I am in good shape.

Victory is coming. I am innocent of all invented charges. Praise be God & to all of you who serve humanity!

Brotherly Love, N Jeri

This message was given to Dave Robinson of Pax Christi USA during a visit with Fr. Gerry in the Haitian National Penitentiary. Fr. Jean-Juste is in a very hot place and is still in significant pain from injuries suffered in the attack on him in St. Pierre's Catholic Church. Haiti

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