Haiti's Father Jean-Juste, Dr. Paul Farmer and Brian Concannon to speak in Berkeley
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©2006 Randall White (HIP) - Political prisoners standing on the rooftop of "The Titanic" lift the corpse of one of the victims. Hundreds of prisoners continued singing and chanting optimistic support of their new President Rene Preval.
May 14, 2006

Haiti's Father Jean-Juste, Dr. Paul Farmer and Brian Concannon to speak in Berkeley, September 9

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Haiti's activist Lavalas priest Father Gerard Jean-Juste was kept as a political prisoner during most of the recent elections. The U.S. State Department knew that if the prophetic voice of Father Jean-Juste wasn't silenced the "selections" - as they were called at the time by most Haitians - wouldn't come off as planned by the "international community." While he was in prison, the renown Dr. Paul Farmer snuck a syringe into his prison room and smuggled a sample of the ailing priest's blood out of occupied Haiti. All during this time and during Fr. Jean-Juste's imprisonment the previous year, human rights attorney Brian Concannon led the public outcry to have him released.

All three of these champions for peace and justice in Haiti will make up a panel hosted by the Haiti Action Committee (HAC) in Berkeley on Saturday, September 9, 2006. Members of the HAC delegation to Haiti will also show footage of a "routine" raid by UN occupation forces in an impoverished neighborhood of Cite Soliel near the capital of Haiti. During that raid a 15 year old boy was killed and many were injured.

The event, "Haiti Today: Occupation & Resistance" wil be held at St. Joseph the Worker Church, 1640 Addison St. in Berkeley